Katapult is built around the concept of organizations. Each organization is, essentially, a separate entity in Katapult for the purposes of resource segregation, access control and billing.


A user can access any number of organizations both as an owner and as an invited user. Each person should have just a single account to login to Katapult regardless of the number of organizations which they are involved with.

Each user is responsible for the management of their own account - including choosing passwords, configuring two factor authentication, handling password recovery, SSH keys, user-level API tokens and more.

Identifiers and sub-domains

When you create an organization you will assign it a "sub-domain". This will be used to identify your organization in the UI and will be used when assigning names to some of the resources that you create. For example, if you create a virtual machine called widgets, it will have a DNS name of automatically.

In addition to this sub-domain, organizations will have an immutable ID which will begin with org_.

Organizations and the API

When working with the API, some requests will require that you provide the organization that you wish to work with even when you may think it is obvious. In order to avoid any ambiguity, and because API tokens can have access to multiple organizations, you will always need to provide this to avoid any assumptions being made.